WOTOFO Conquorer Mini RTA + Wicking Tutorial – The Vaping Bogan

WOTOFO Conquorer Mini RTA + Wicking Tutorial – The Vaping Bogan

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24 thoughts on “WOTOFO Conquorer Mini RTA + Wicking Tutorial – The Vaping Bogan

  1. Great review, bro! I actually won one of these on a Mike Vapes giveaway. I built it and wicked it a few months ago, but still haven't vaped it. I was just worried that it wouldn't perform as well as I hoped, b/c I love clouds bro clouds. Thanks for confirming!

  2. love the conqueror mini. Flavor is outstanding for me and the first RTA that is on par or even better than the Moonshot.. have a shit ton of other brand new rtas but this one is my favorite currently

  3. Great stuff! You crack me up, but your reviews are spot on. I've never disagreed with any of your thoughts on anything I've tried that you've reviewed. I consult your videos on everything I consider getting. Thanks so much!

  4. even though i dont like using tanks, whenever you review a tank id still watch it cause i fucking love your vids man!!! love from the phili fucking ppines!

  5. Nice review. I have one of these and it kicks ass. I got a .11 fused dual coil build in it and running at 95 watts. No issues what so ever. Flavor is great. If you read the little insert that came in the box that little coil tool is to measure the legs of the coils not for placement. Works well for this rta and the original Conqueror. I have both. Cheers!

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