Will A Mask Really Protect You From Coronavirus? – Cheddar Explains

Will A Mask Really Protect You From Coronavirus? – Cheddar Explains

What exactly is coronavirus, and what’s the best way to protect yourself? We checked in with Dr. Amesh Adalja to ask if surgical masks really keep you healthy, and what you should do instead.

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21 thoughts on “Will A Mask Really Protect You From Coronavirus? – Cheddar Explains

  1. Yes, most everyone is gullible & naive to think wearing the Democrat/China mask will keep them safe, but in reality, it's a false security…. As for me, I drove all over the USA from Florida to Seattle for 8 months stopping at various towns & cities from state to state from March to October 2020, and I stopped wearing the mask back in May 2020 when I realize this mess is just a Democrat & China HOAX to steal the American election because the American president effects the entire world, and China demanded the democrats win, so that's why they cheated the election system…. I finally arrived back in Florida in October 2020 and I never wore the mask… However, the Fake Pandemic was only part of the plan, so the second plan is to scare the world into getting the Democrat/China vaccine which contains "nanobots" to aid in controlling people for THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

  2. Wanna go to Guadalupe River is go to loop you loopy or Rivera’s video and watch his videos and you’ll get more you can find of your Aveda Instagram Instagram Facebook Snapchat so social media and you could get some healthy chips from him

  3. But you know what you can do is highly recommend to stay home honey recommend to stay home because food call food delivery or look up online if you need to buy stuff like shipping stuff are you go to Amazon and buy stuff or go to go to stores they have they have food prep go online they go keto diet product if you if you keep yourself healthy go on a diet keep yourself healthy go on a diet take a vitamin why official use fish oil will help you drink orange juice a lot of oysters will help youGo and eat healthy foods watch watch Lupillo Rivera the real real real real better watch his show on YouTube you can find his great tips about coronavirus food and stuff to eat better and

  4. It is the mask they took the meds that he had on and tested the medicine scientist tested me well as my cousin Bobby was testing the mask because he did he’s a scientist scientist scientist to test it so he will he took the mask and put in a plastic bag and test it out and they found out that the Best has coronavirus on the mask the blue mask the blue mask he bought my my cousin but my cousin that you saw on the news he had the coronavirus when the map

  5. My cousin her coronavirus but when you’re wearing a mask wearing a mask he still wearing the mask and social distancing he still got it no matter what you guys of the stupid one is first came out with saying they’re going to test yourself with the person who had a mask he still having with the mascon with a mask off he didn’t have with a mask on he had so

  6. I don't know why wearing a mask is considered such a big deal. I mean even if you don't care about others, do it for yourself. I always do the gloves too. It's the drill: just do it. Ironically, I've been really healthy through all this: probably because I worked in a club and was shut in with 300 people each night. But I miss the people 😫

  7. -Masks are literally a badge of blind, submissive, obedience wrapped around your face, created from irrational fear and ignorance, Not science or logic! Outside a medical setting, utterly useless in mitigating viral pathogen spread.

    Masks only potential benefit is in minimizing the amount of large particulates of saliva from a direct forceful blast from a sneeze/cough.

    However, (and this should need no explanation) Wearing a mask has no more effectiveness from stopping these large saliva particles then simply covering your mouth with your hand, handkerchief arm etc. It took the Mayo Institute of Science with their ridiculous experiments to show the world, what our moms taught us and what we've all understood since childhood. (cover your mouth when you sneeze!)

    -(Touching the mask compulsively and repeatedly to take on and off, pull up and down, adjust, etc. contaminates hands just as readily as coughing directly into your hand. Easily causing far more widespread viral contamination, than from not wearing masks. )

    -Cloth and fabric masks are beneficial in a medical surgeon setting for minimizing bacterium size pathogenic contamination, but have literally zero effect in stopping infinitesimally tiny (80) nanometer viruses suspended in micro moisture particulates or aerosols. Essentially viruses piggybacking on your breath vapor, passing between the fabric weave, with almost zero obstruction whatsoever. (in the world of nano micromolecular size comparison, literally equivalent to using a hockey net to keep out mosquitoes.)

  8. Now there were over 1.5 million deaths and over 50 million infections!
    Why USA took over 10 months to admit that wearing masks prevent virus from spreading?
    Foreign Talents said that
    w h o is responsible for those 1.5 million deaths & over 50 million infections because of
    their Stupid & Irresponsible Initial Advice, agree?
    Shouldn't the Proper Initial Advice be-
    When you are healthy you don't need to wear a mask
    you're serving people especially tourists
    you're inside confined crowded places like buses/MRT and so on?

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