Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Setup & Tutorial | Vape Industries

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Setup & Tutorial | Vape Industries

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23 thoughts on “Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Setup & Tutorial | Vape Industries

  1. Avitus Xenoi
    Thanks man; I only briefly vaped a couple years ago when I was trying to quit smoking. Dusted off my revenger to try again but I lost the manual. This is exactly what I was looking for as a refresher course

  2. got this for 14$, personally my favorite thing about this mod is I can charge the batteries while using it as well as it's very small size (A hair taller than a debit/credit card) and maybe an inch in width less. It's small for my hands but the trade off of keeping it in my pocket comfortably is well worth it.

  3. Hi! Just bought this am trying to get off of cig. Have several kits but they have not worked for me and I needed more flavor and vapor to feel more satisfied. Upped the nic level also. Anyway just got one of these as my first mod and when it came to setting it up I was feeling like an idiot. The letters and everything is small and hard to see for me. I love the look of it though it shows fingerprints badly. If anybody can tell me where i can buy a see thru thin plastic cover like it came with to keep the fingerprints away I sure would appreciate it. I have always smoked Menthols and like a cooler vape. Can you tell me what watts and temperature settings I should use for the cooler vape? I also want to to change the clock back to the old style looking clock. Any help I sure could use and would really appreciate. Great job that you did on this.

  4. Ive replaced 2 smok products with the Revenger x & its amazing i have now fitted the cascade tank & ill never look back,My favourite coils are the gt mesh coils the taste and cloud production really is superb.

  5. This is the best mod box I've had yet, using the ceramic coils in the NRG tank works the best, you get a nice and tasty pull that is very satisfying on the exhale.

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