The Ideal Ohm Show – Episode 117: Bobs Back!!

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Covering all the current news and vape related stuff whilst getting slowly drunk and having a laugh. Don’t take it seriously because it’s only vaping and meant to be fun.

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Trying our best to put a position (s)pin on vaping drama, covering the latest and greatest in RTAs, RDAs and gennies, holding ransom some of the finest mods in all the land. We’re here to make complete fools of ourselves so that you walk away feeling like you could challenge the world for clouds.

Whilst it’s likely you’re not going to agree with what we say, we reserve the right to say it. These are just opinions, thoughts, ideas and recipes, so if you feel the need to praise or crucify us, pop over to where we’ll tell you to not worry about it.

Sometimes, we get free stuff to check out, but most of the time, we’re spending our own hard-earnt cash to bring you insights and screw-ups, so that you won’t get caught out. How we got a hold of it doesn’t matter – if it’s good, then we’ll tell you it’s good. If it’s crap, then it’ll get the treatment it deserves. So if you want to send something to us, pop to the Facebook page above, and get in touch – but don’t expect us to review it, talk about it, or give it undeserved praise when we do. We don’t work like that, our subscribers have standards.

Anyway, pick up your nearest vape, grab a glass of your favourite beverage, and hit play…

This is The Ideal Ohm Show.