Refillable gas cylinders – expert advice from Practical Motorhome's Diamond Dave

Refillable gas cylinders – expert advice from Practical Motorhome's Diamond Dave

Get the lowdown on refillable gas cylinders – our technical expert Diamond Dave is here to help!

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22 thoughts on “Refillable gas cylinders – expert advice from Practical Motorhome's Diamond Dave

  1. I have a Refillable See through Patio Gas Bottle which has a 27 mm Press on Regulator : I saw an Adaptor on eBay where it is Possible to Refill the Bottle at the Petrol Station I did not have Money to buy one on the day But as I did not save the Product so as to Buy one the following day; No matter on how I have tried the Browser won't come up with the Filler Please If you have seen one or Possess one yourself and Know the Seller Please Please Let me Know [email protected]

  2. Not up to date info, the LPG Safefill plastic fibre glass reinforced bottles are TREMENDOUSLY lighter cost around £170 but automatically shut off refilling when necessary so safe to fill yourself at petrol stations and "AND" you can visibly see the fuel level but LPG at petrol stations carries 20%VAT which it doesn't at calor gas retailers that sell LPG.

  3. STOP putting background music to videos with narration .. it ONLY makes it HARDER to hear what you are saying and is VERY distracting … EVERYONE STOP DOING THIS.. we are NOT here to listen to music !!

  4. What a great video!!!
    Five minutes, packed with facts, no waffle.
    If only the rest of YouTube was like this I'd have about a year of my life back 😉
    "a winner all round" … Not necessarily on the financial side though? I suppose everyone will be a bit different but does anyone have a formula for working out £instalation v £gas used before it breaks even?

  5. As usual with m/h mags the important things are left out, which leads me to think the manufacturer has a large input.Most motorhomes are over weight except the larger capacity van, so a comment on the weight of the fittings would have been great and of course the costings.

  6. Lots of places to exchange cylinders, not so many stations catering for lpg, which is why most car owners have kept away. Far too expensive and too much hassle compared to swapping cylinders.

  7. Got to be a winner all round? I do like the idea but I'd need to use a hell of a lot of gas or become unable to lift my exchangeable bottle for it to really make sense. My MH has diesel heating and I guess that really helps my LPG usage, especially in the Alps at Easter. Very clear video but a bit of comment on costs and payback would be good, as well as covering concerns that some places won't let you refill. Any issue with the underslung tank on Eurotunnel? Thanks.

  8. For even an ardent tourer, is the risk and inconvenience of having a refillable canister underneath the caravan worth it?  LPG powered cars are excluded from Eurotunnel

  9. There are several exchange bottle suppliers within a ten mile radius of my house but only one LPG supplier which is at the edge of that 10 mile radius. I had LPG fitted as an alternative engine fuel in my last camper but hardly ever used it as there was never a supplier open when I needed one.

    I think I'll avoid the not inconsiderable expense of having refillable LPG and just stick with twin butane bottles as I reckon I would need to keep the camper for 20 years or so just to break even.

    LPG is not quite the winner all round that the video suggests.

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