Plenary 3 – The economics of prevention v2

This Plenary session took place on 4 October 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the 2018 World Cancer Congress.

Chaired by: Terry Slevin, Public Health Association of Australia (Australia)

1. Scaling-up an economic intervention package in cancer prevention
Rachel Nugent, RTI International (United States)

2. The impact of economic, policy and environmental influences on health behaviors with a focus on taxation across tobacco, unhealthy food and alcohol
Frank Chaloupka, University of Illinois (United States)

3. The transferability of prevention strategies from high resource countries to low resource countries
Rob Moodie, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (Australia), Malawi College of Medecine (Malawi)

Finance is a key driver in cancer prevention. Tax is an important lever to influence demand for unhealthy products. It is also an essential income stream for governments to fund public benefit programs. Prevention efforts must become more sophisticated in addressing commercial determinants of health and the role of economics in chronic disease prevention. And what opportunities does the economics of prevention present for LMICs?