ElectraFin Motor For SUP/Kayak

Designed for Stand-Up Paddleoboards and Kayaks, the ElectraFin motor takes adventurous cruising to a whole new level. The unit features marine-grade connectors and fully sealed electronics for a IP67 waterproof rating.

Silent operation: The ElectraFin is completely silent and makes less noise than the surrounding water splashing up against your board or boat.

Durable construction: Impact-strengthened polycarbonate

Wireless remote: Waterproof, marine-grade wireless remote attaches to the rider’s paddle for easy access. Easy operation with the touch of a button. Choose between 99 speed settings on the LED display.

Zero emissions: Low-maintenance, battery-operated motor does not require regular oil changes or gasoline like other engines. Battery can be recharged just like a laptop or cell phone, or it can be plugged into the optional solar charger.

Universal mounting methods: Mounts in standard longboard and paddleboard fin boxes. Optional mounts available for inflatable kayaks and paddleboards and kayaks with rudder systems.

Safety propeller guard: Designed around a safety propeller guard to ensure people and marine life stay safe from the propeller’s propulsion system.

Optional solar recharging kit: 40-watt flexible solar panel quickly and easily recharges the battery pack.

Battery charge indicator: Waterproof, multicolor LED battery status is built into the control case.

Extremely fast recharge times: The 6-amp intelligent charger will recharge the battery in 3 – 5 hours from a full discharge.

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