Dollar Store Items I NEVER BUY (And Some I Do!)

Dollar Store Items I NEVER BUY (And Some I Do!)

Maker’s Microfiber Cloths:

We’ve done dollar store hauls in the past here at Clean My Space, and the truth is, some of the items have been great, but a lot of them really let us down – literally falling apart after a few uses. In this video I’m going to go through some things that I just do not buy at the dollar store anymore, and I also cover off some things that I think you should definitely by at the dollar store!

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32 thoughts on “Dollar Store Items I NEVER BUY (And Some I Do!)

  1. Kinda late to the party but apparently 90% of you forgot about her dollar store hauls… 🧐 Telling someone it’s probably waste of your hard earned money is not hating on someone who is broke. In fact it’s being even more considerate. I love the dollar store but she makes some very reasonable points.

  2. Awesome video. The other dark side to these products, they are made on the labor of people in countries where people and children are abused. These billionaires are sending jobs outside of America. They don’t need u, don’t buy from them. If u don’t need it, don’t buy it and don’t hoard.

  3. I used toys from the dollar tree to teach my 6yo about value. He now tells me not to ever buy toys from the Dollar Tree because they are not fun and they break. Unfortunately now all toys come from Target…$$$ lol

  4. They are all deep state. Tricks of the rich.. What we have learned now is,,, it is better to be a great Patriot. I guess, I should talk because sometimes I do that too, but just saying, buy less n patronize, as much as you possibly can, your local stores, not these chain stores.

  5. Dollar Tree has a great cleaner called L.A.'s Totally Awesome Cleaner. It's worth buying it there, since you can buy it almost anywhere for much more Also, the dinnerware is great. I bought more expensive dinnerware somewhere else and it didn't last like the ones I bought at the dollar store. You just have to look closely at everthing you buy..

  6. I must disagree in part with "don't buy plastic/home organization." I'll buy more of my favorite plastic shoeboxes (same manufacturer) identical to ones I bought in a big box store which were originally priced at $5 as I need them. There's more money in it for big box stores to change styles every year, two years, or even every season to try to coerce you into replacing an entire collection when you may only need a few extras or replacements and want everything to match. You can also find drawer organizers as good as some from the container store. I can find many better glass items in thrift stores.

  7. She also has an enormous amount of time to look and shop around. Who the hell can buying both if you're a real person these days most of us are working two jobs just to be able to afford to keep our electricity on

  8. Not wrong on the kitchen things… But it's helped more than one collage age person get started. I have nice things now, but I don't regret my dollar store first apartment starter set. ❤️

  9. Hi Melissa. I would like to ask… Does microfiber cloth have expiration? I mean how often should we change them to a new bought one considering that I use them regularly. Thanks

  10. She has some serious issues with dollar store and I earn decent amount of money and inam not a cheap person I often visit other countries etc and never shy way from extra activities but I always but most of my stuff from dollar shop and they really works never found any problem and stuff that use for cooking are all FDI approved so there is no risk she is fulfilling corporate agenda

  11. I buy gift wrap, organizing containers, toys and playing cards to fit Xmas stockings, school and office supplies ( I used to be a math teacher in public school and would get rulers, erasers, stickers, pencils, notebook paper, calculators… to have available to the kids). Sometimes i pick up kitchen utensils, kitchen towels, foil and ziplock bags, rubber gloves, sponges, Brillo pads, …a cheap synthetic mop to save my back cleaning the jaccuzzi (sp?), plastic bbowl to prevent squirrels accessing the bird feeder, foil pan for disposable tiedye projects…
    Earplugs for night time, seasona items, some large bungee type elastic in the hair department great to wrap around containers, facial cotton rounds, soap like Irish spring…
    i do not buy make up( had a bad eczema reaction with L.A eye shadows), anything which goes into the mouth of my cat or us people like medecine, toothpaste, food, although out of curiosity i got a candybar once (Three Musketeers) and compared it to one from next door grocery store. They did not taste alike and even the wrappers looked different. The same thing happened for Bamble Bee little snack packages containing 1 or maybe 2 mini can of Tuna salad with crackers. I loved the ones from my grocery store but the one from Dollar Tree tasted awful.
    I have been using forever Palmolive dish soap and even use it for handwashing fragile items like wool sweaters. The bottles I tried at Dollar tree were not the same formula. Even my husband noticed it did not clean the dishes. Is the company getting rid of their duds through dollar stores? After that I have never tried other cleaning products besides bleach that i regularly get to clean toilets and disinfect
    i do

  12. I never buy can food and drink in dollar store. I love to buy my reading glasses, broom, scott scrubber. Big bucket use for my plant. But like someone said check material see it is worth or not. i never buy baking soda in dollar store, some time outside store cheaper. Some time they have very good stuff with a good deal. Good luck to your trip in dollar store.

  13. The merchandise depends on the dollar store. I like aluminum sheets and baking trays, school supplies, and cleaning supplies. I have found the exact same charger plates at the hobby lobby for 3x the cost of dollar store.

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