Cheap filter pods vs expensive, which should you buy? A comparison between them

Cheap filter pods vs expensive, which should you buy? A comparison between them

With so many people (myself included) trying out cheap pods on their bikes in order to save a little money, in this episode I look at both cheap vs expensive (K&N) filters. Looking at build quality mainly and how cheap pods might affect your performance & setting up.


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31 thoughts on “Cheap filter pods vs expensive, which should you buy? A comparison between them

  1. If you're not going to tell us what the cheap brand is what's the use of this video we would like to know are we buying the cheap ones that we don't know or cheap junk, I've been using a brand called EMGO it it looks as good a quality as any brand I've ever bought KN any of them (motorcycle air filter) the top is made out of heavy metal the inside is got a metal screen looks quality the filter itself. 96 pleats on it looks like top-quality to me you telling me…

  2. Really like your channel and especially this build. Your videos are so helpful. I'm starting a CX500 projet myself and I was wondering if you got the K&N filter model number. I searching their website and can't find the same exact model as yours? Thanks for your help!

  3. I agree with this concept totally. I bought these cheap pods for the GS 550 I was working on for a friend and it has cv carbs which only open when there is sufficient vacuum in the intake. Without that full vacuum,the slides will not rise and the needle cannot introduce more gas. I was scratching my head as to why top end and acceleration suffered so. Tomorrow I will put some tape on the cheap pods and test the idea, reducing flow but increasing vacuum. So it will be back to the original air box for now. Great videos by the way. keep up the good work.

  4. I agree the ebay cheap air filters are horrible and will cause your car or motorcycle to under perform stick with good quality name brand it's worth the extra money

  5. 40 for a filter you'll likely never need to change, will keep a consistent tune, and that you're clearly confident will better protect the thousands of dollars and days of labor you're putting into your builds…

    If you were talking about a 200 dollar filter, I could understand some hesitation. The most expensive option isn't always the best bang for the buck. But for anyone with the money to own and modify a bike, 40 dollars for quality is a steal.

  6. Just get a k&n air filter dont be cheap. I have a 98 2.4l Toyota Tacoma with an Injen intake system and some other mods, the intake came with a nice nano dry type Injen filter. The other day, I finaly decided to wash the filter. I hadnt washed it since a long time ever, it was good and dirty. I cleaned it super clean with soap and water, then I dryed it very well. Before I reinstaled it I breathed in thru the filter, it has a 3.1/2" inlet and felt the air flow restriction as I breathed. I really thought it had better flow. Dry filters are better than paper but next thing I was ordering a K&n oiled type filter for my intake. They are better and make more power if thats what you want. I did notice an improvement when I drove the truck after cleaning the Ingen filter but you cant beat the k&n filter flows better than those dry type air filters. Perfornance first everything else dont worry. The trick to the oiled filter is dont over oil it and you will be fine. This is my oppinion only and just trying to help others.

  7. Hi, I have the same K$N pods….but now I have a problem with carburetor…I must replace jets…main jet for sure…now I have 78 what nuber do you suggest (also have a new exhaust) bike Honda cb400n

  8. I am glad you touchéd on this topic. I was wondering if you will have a video about how to adjust carbs for new air pods & upgraded exhaust on your cb750 or on any other bike. It feels like a daunting task! I need to do this so that I can check my engine condition prior to customization. Thx! .

  9. Unless you live in a really dusty area, the cheap ones are fine. Just buy some black gasket maker for $5 and put a small amount around the cap end and filter pleets to seal it, and pull out the boot that he pulled out and put a small amount around that and pop it back into the filter. Let it dry overnight and they are good, and ready to install. It only takes about 10 minutes for 4 pods. Been using them for 3 years. If you DO live in a dusty area pods may not be a good idea anyway.

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