AirPods Pro Memory Foam Tips Are Surprisingly Good

AirPods Pro Memory Foam Tips Are Surprisingly Good

Final review of the airpods pro memory foam tip.
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35 thoughts on “AirPods Pro Memory Foam Tips Are Surprisingly Good

  1. Im only getting these not only for better noise canceling but because the silicone tips smell like absolute shit after one week of use and I clean my ears often

  2. I got these in last week in black and they’re fantastic. They fit super well with the same sizing as the original Apple ones and they are much more comfortable to me. I think the black also looks really cool.

  3. To me it is crazy they are charging $30 for these tips. This should be a $10 max type thing. To need this with $250 pods, is rediculous. Whoever is selling them for $30 is deff taking advantage of Apple Loyalists spending higher amounts of money for things

  4. guys a little tip, clean your ears real good because i’ve been having problems with the left ear falling out when the right never does and i wonder why because both ears are the same size but i cleaned my left ear out really good and they both fit the same now

  5. I ordered these and they didn't have the threaded adapters. Could not install them properly because the adapter was still exposed even though I turned and turned the ear tip. Plus it did not hold a good seal when doing the test in iOS.

  6. Thanks for the tip! I have always used foam tips as I find they do make a better seal. also, with the OEM tips, I find that I can feel/hear my heartbeat at times.

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