5 THINGS to know about CO2 air guns

5 THINGS to know about CO2 air guns

Many air guns are powered by CO2, or carbon dioxide gas – even though they’re still called ‘airguns’! From refilling to using special maintenance capsules, understanding how temperature and firing style can alter their power, airgun shooter Nigel Allen looks at five things that every airgunner should know about this inert gas as a pellet gun’s power source. Oh… and watch out for frostbite…!!!


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  2. Just bought my first co2 rife, a Crossman 2250xl rat catcher. I love it but have the bug and want to tune without ruining it, anybody got any advice and information on places to buy the best tuning kits and maybe it cosmetics ie camo stock and grip.

  3. I want to use my co2 revolver as a backup while i go for small gaming though it gives 430-450 fps but i want more from it being a webley mkvi pellet so do you have any suggestions on how can i increase its power

  4. So much disinformation on this video it's laughable. Venting off? Rubbish. Always leave a little pressure in the gun. Seals dry out? Only if you use Butyl seals. Seals should be made of synthetic rubber and as an added precaution lubricated with silicone grease. Refillable 12g cartridges are available but they simply are not cost effective. However given the price, exorbitant price, of 88g cylinders recharging them is an option using air source to ASA adapter and an AG1 on off tap. However refilling is a skilled operation as it is possible to overfill. AG1 valves are generally fitted with a pressure gauge and should you overfill it the gauge WILL tell you. It should never go over 950 psi at warm room temp and should ideally be about 850psi. Chill the receiving bottle prior to filling but DO NOT PUT IT IN THE FREEZER AND LET ICE FORM ON IT AS YOU WILL OVERFILL IT WITH POSSIBLY SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES AT THERE IS NO PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE. Don't refill them long term as you cannot check inside for rust as you can bigger bottles. Obtain another that has only been used once. The savings are enormous. One cheap 88g costs about £10 whereas a refill can be as little as 50p or even less. You can buy an AG1 from China for about £12 and £5 for the ASA adapter. A filling rig can be made for about £10 or bought for about £20/25. A 7kg pubgas bottle costs £20 for the gas and the deposit on the bottle. Make sure your donor bottle has a dip tube or you will have to turn it upside down and then an ice plug can form on the valve stopping it from working. You can expect about 70+ 88g refills from a pubgas bottle and purely gas wise that's 29p per refill. Take into account your hardware needs and 50p per refill is about right. That's saving £9.50 over buying the cheapest 88g available for EACH ONE. As you can gather from this the suppliers and manufacturers are ripping you off big style for those Air source bottles. Another point is, why has no manufacturer even bothered to make a refillable 88g? The answer is obvious…the 88g disposable is a cash cow. Not safe you say! All I can tell you is I and my friends have been refilling 88g bottles since they first came out decades ago and I certainly haven't had a single failure and I do know anyone who had. Just be careful and methodical when filling. Always use safety glasses and gloves. DO NOT FREEZE BOTTLES PRIOR TO FILLING….just chill them in a normal fridge.

  5. Very Nice Informative Air Gun Tips! I just couldn't keep my eyes off your beautiful Dan Wesson Pistol! First Time I'd heard of of it. It ain't no Hickok Gun for the masses. I bet Alan Ladd's #Shane would play with this multi-shot Wesson next to his pal Joey!

  6. Can I shoot my co2 gun for the first time without any oil for the capsule? Somebody answer Jus brought 1 from Walmart today and I’m ready to test it out but I’m scared I don’t wanna shoot it without the oil for the co2 then something go wrong with my gun I jus brought today lol so let me know anybody

  7. you shall never remove an gas if it is not empty it will dry the o rings and can damage inside parts permanent. An huge mistake. This is an dumbest tip i seen.

  8. ? That's a big Dan Wesson I own the same Dan Wesson but with the smaller Barrel not the snub nose but the six inch oh wait no it's the three inch model so I suppose its a snub nose. !? Comment if I iam wrong with the barrel lengths!

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