$100 Vape vs $5 Vape

$100 Vape vs $5 Vape

Expensive box mod vs a regular disposable stick. There is a device for everyone.
Pod King:

Expensive device reviewed vs the cheap $5 disposable stick. There is vape device for everyone. Small, big, or huge the vaping world offers more variety than any industry.


44 thoughts on “$100 Vape vs $5 Vape

  1. I got the Smok RPM 40 I went off cigarettes with it 1 year off them because of it! I wanna get a box mod one day. I paid $45 for my smok but I love it! Also I am subscribed ! And I am never going back to cigarettes. So I can confirm at least for me it does work, it helps you with nicotine detox, but it’s probably not as bad for you. I am not so sure honestly. But I am glad I got rid of them. Thank you for the review, have you reviewed the switch disposable mods? I got 2 of them for $5 each not bad.

  2. Hey I love the Hyde disposable vape flavors. I recently switched over from disposable to a pod system and I’m looking for a juice that gives me the same flavor and ice cold hits from the disposable. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. I have a pink smok I was wondering if I could use the e liquid (fine e liquid juice) from my Boulder for it? Or would that be a bad idea? My nephew gave me a bottle of juice. I don’t have enough money for new juice right now. I probably have enough for a new pod. But I have two pods. I’ve got a boulder that is burnt as shit. But I don’t want to waste the juice. And I have two disposables. Also I just subscribed. Also how do you replace the coil in the smok? Are they super expensive ??

  4. Hey if you're still active on this channel pls pls drop your insta so we can follow your other activities. You've got such a cool vibe & personality dude

  5. I ordered the Sourin air and some juice off 2nd wife vape and got 2 day shipping and it hasn’t shipped.. I ordered it do days ago

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